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This affordable hotel offers easy access to most of Salina's attractions and is located on the city's growing South Side, just blocks from downtown. The rooms feature a full-service bar, a private dining room and a modern fitness centre, all within walking distance of the city centre.

The hotel offers eight meeting rooms, which can be reserved, and all rooms have the necessary free Wi-Fi and a work station. Enjoy well-appointed amenities such as a heated swimming pool, fitness centre and full-service fitness centre.

This table will help you to find the most convenient time for your future stay in Salina. Look out for hotel prices that rise in the saltworks during warmer weather, especially in summer.

Enjoy an al fresco meal at the barbecue area, relax in the hot tub or swim in our indoor pool. If you are taking time out during your stay, you can spend it in one of our outdoor pools. During the season, you can swim in the indoor pools of our hotel or enjoy the outdoor barbecue. In winter we go swimming in our two indoor pools in the summer months.

Hang out in the pool on a hot summer afternoon or use our free Wi-Fi to plan your day.

Start your day with a cooked breakfast or take a break, enjoy our complimentary breakfast buffet and explore all that Salina has to offer. Sit back, order room service, do some work and relax for dinner and a nightcap in our on-site restaurant and bar.

Stay fit at the on-site fitness center, swim in our indoor pool or relax in the hot tub. Rely on our fitness centers to keep fit, or use our laundry service to keep you fresh during your long stay.

Our cleaning staff is trained to disinfect all areas of your room as a last step after you have cleaned the room.

When staying at Country Inn & Suites Carlson Salina, you can stretch out in one of our large queen or king size rooms, which come with a bed, bath, shower and even a fully equipped kitchen. Each room has a small kitchen with plenty of space to keep drinks and snacks cool, which is ideal for a movie night. Each room also has a private bathroom, private shower and private dining area, as well as a shower. Our rooms have a wide range of amenities including hot water, hot and cold showers, air conditioning, laundry facilities, a hot tub and much more.

We were founded in 1886 and have a contractual relationship with the United Methodist Church and support the Great Plains Conference. If you are simply looking for an affordable place to rest in Salina, Econo Lodge makes it easy for you to choose between affordable standard and queen rooms. Our standard double and king rooms are among the most affordable in the city, and our king suites will not set you back much. You will have to pay a little more for the King Suite with separate seating area, but it is worth it if you choose.

On November 21, 1870, we became the third class of the city and have been operated by the city of Salina ever since.

Look for the Salina Ambassador Hotel & Conference Center, located right in the center of the city. Numerous attractions in Salinas, including the caves of Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the Kansas State Fair and many more.

This all-suite hotel offers studio rooms and one-bedroom suites, including a separate seating area. The Comfort Suites in Salina offer you access to all the amenities of a full service hotel, including a pool, spa, fitness center, gym and gym.

Relax with a pillow on your bed or roll up - camp beds are available for $15 a night and children 18 and older stay with their parents for free. A complimentary breakfast is served each morning, including eggs, bacon, pastries, cereal and coffee. It is just before sunrise and you can even hear birds and other sounds of the African plains before you see the assembled pride of the lions.

The large, curved grasses and greens are usually fast and smooth, but can be very deceptive in the prevailing south breeze.

While spring temperatures tend to drop, the storm season in Salina is usually over. The region typically has several severe thunderstorms and occasional tornadoes. If you are here in late spring or early summer, keep an eye on the forecast. Either way, the Smoky Hill River Festival, which takes place in early June, is a must-see. While the maximum temperatures in summer can exceed 90 degrees in July, the lowest temperatures can reach up to 20 degrees in winter.

This family-friendly event is held on the banks of the Smoky Hill River, south of Salina, Kansas. It offers a variety of activities, including a running race, a bike ride and a children's playground.

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More About Salina