24 Make-Ahead Dishes to Serve on Christmas Morning

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Instant oatmeal is quick and easy, but it doesn't scream "Christmas morning" or even whisper it. Making legit oatmeal ahead of time and baking it into a pan kind of makes you feel like you're eating cake or pie for breakfast, and that's the kind of joy you deserve. Plus, you don't have to eat it from a bowl and if you have leftovers, you can stick a slice in a plastic bag and ship it off to work or school like a slice of banana bread. Here's a fruity recipe we like.


Bacon cheddar buttermilk biscuits

If you're searching for a side dish, or something light to snack on while you rip the wrapping paper off presents, these bacon cheddar buttermilk biscuits have you covered. They take less than 30 minutes to make, giving you more time to watch "The Grinch," "The Polar Express" or "Die Hard." Here's the recipe.

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Baked egg bell pepper tarts

You can't go wrong with eggs for breakfast, ever. These cute little guys are savory, doughy and delicious. They're the perfect finger food, so you can make a bunch for the family to snack on before the main event is ready, or use them as part of a bigger meal. Get the recipe here and prep a whole tray.

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Baked egg cups with tomato, spinach and prosciutto

This option is a little fancier than the former, and it calls for meat. The end result is ramekins filled to the brim with egg, spinach, tomato, garlic, prosciutto, basil and homemade pesto. Delizioso. We like this recipe because you can play around with the ingredients a little. More prosciutto? Sign us up.

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Baked eggs with swiss chard and prosciutto

Another elegant-looking egg dish sans sweat and tears. This recipe also lends itself to substitutions if you're not a fan of one of the ingredients. Sub in spinach for the swiss chard, parmesan for the manchego or ham for prosciutto.

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Banana bread

Just think about it: warm banana bread slathered in melted butter. Does it get any cozier than that? Get ready to make this classic baked good by rounding up some squishy, browned bananas (the riper the better) and some common pantry ingredients - plus a little rum if you're feeling frisky. Here's the recipe.

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Banana bread pancakes

What do you get when you mix banana bread and pancakes? A Christmas morning miracle mashup of two of the best breakfast foods ever (both of which are borderline desserts). This recipe is relatively healthy, believe it or not. It gets coconut milk, whole-wheat flour and walnuts with cinnamon packed in with the star of the show: sliced banana. Here's how to make it.

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Breakfast burritos

Breakfast burritos aren't the most traditional Christmas morning meal, but who cares? This delicious vegetarian plate gets eggs, onions, potatoes, bell peppers, green chiles, black beans and pepper jack cheese stuffed in a flour tortilla. Serve with salsa (and sour cream or guacamole if you want to get crazy). We bet Santa would really like this recipe.


Breakfast tacos

Tacos are a super easy dinner option, and they're just as stress-free to make for breakfast - especially if you're preparing everything ahead of time. You can really put whatever you want in here, but this recipe calls for chorizo sausage, eggs, milk, Monterey Jack cheese, salsa and a little hot sauce in corn tortillas.

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Cookie dough-stuffed cinnamon rolls

Cookies are synonymous with Christmas so why make regular cinnamon rolls when you can make cinnamon rolls oozing with chocolate chip cookie dough? This recipe calls for D?, an unbaked dough that's safe to eat as is, but you can use whichever brand you'd like. Nestle Toll House and Ben & Jerry's make it too. Anyway, here's the recipe for those cinnamon rolls.

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Crescent Danish rolls

These are easy to prepare, especially because the dough isn't made from scratch (though you can certainly make it from scratch). Grab some Pillsbury crescent rolls from your favorite grocery store, make the filling, bake and, when you're ready to serve, drizzle the glaze on top. This recipe won the Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest in 1975.

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French toast

That's right. You can make French toast, freeze it and reheat whenever you're ready to eat. This healthy-ish version is low in sugar, but rich in flavor (cinnamon, vanilla and butter). Don't be afraid to dump a bunch of maple syrup on there, though. What? It's Christmas. Here's the recipe.



A frittata is practically effortless to make and serve, since it's technically an egg pie like quiche without crust. If you're making it the night before, set it in the fridge and serve it cold, warm or at room temperature the next day. This savory recipe can be made in a variety of ways and calls for vegetables and cooked meat of your choice (like broccoli, ham, potatoes, spinach, etc.), fresh herbs and cheese.


Ham and cheese breakfast casserole

This savory recipe makes the perfect side dish or main course - and the recipe isn't too hard to whip up. It calls for diced ham and sauteed green bell peppers, but feel free to modify it with whatever breakfast meat and vegetables you prefer. Egg casserole is a classic Christmas morning meal, and it makes fantastic leftovers for days to follow. Here's the recipe.


Ham and omelet cups

These protein-packed cups are incredibly flavorful. Eggs and ham are already a match made in heaven and when you add in a bunch of vegetables, it only gets better. If you make them ahead of time and freeze them, you just need to wrap each individually in a paper towel and microwave to reheat. Here's a recipe we like.

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Herbed egg crepes

Crepes are so versatile. You can really throw everything but the kitchen sink in there, but for the sake of this savory recipe, it's suggested you fill the eggy vessel with your choice of meat (like sausage or prosciutto), a healthy amount of cheese (such as shredded cheddar, fontina, Gruyere, manchego, crumbled feta or goat) and sauteed vegetables (like mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, dark greens or red bell peppers). This is how to make the irresistibly thin herbed egg crepe.


Jalapeno cornbread

If you're looking to spice things up after Santa shimmies up the chimney, check out this twist on classic cornbread. It gets jalapeños, corn and green onions, plus a decent amount of butter and cheddar cheese. Serve with (more) warm butter and honey. Here's the recipe.

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Mini blueberry buttermilk pancakes with Nutella

What's better than adorable fruity pancakes? Adorable fruity pancakes covered in sugary hazelnut spread. If you make a batch on Christmas Eve, you can store them in the fridge overnight and add the Nutella and chopped strawberries in the morning. Here's how to make the pancakes.

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Mini morning egg bites

All you need to make these mini morning egg bites are eggs (obviously), baby spinach, tomato, onion, parsley and, wait for it ... chia seeds. They only take 30 minutes to bake and you can keep them in the fridge for up to five days. Talk about convenience. Here's how to make them.

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Mini quiches

Mini quiches are so cute, and these ones are made using filo pastry, so they're crispy and flaky. The eggy inside gets leek, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh parsley, Parmesan and goat cheese. It's creamy, flavorful and probably better than anything Santa delivered the night before. Here's the recipe.

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One-pan sweet potato and egg hash

This one-pan meal looks pretty and tastes great. Prepare the vegetables ahead of time (in total, this will take about an hour) and then, in the morning, the eggs need just five minutes to bake. This recipe couldn't be any simpler.

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Overnight lemon blueberry muffin casserole

Think of a classic lemon blueberry muffin, but moist and fabulously fruity with rich cream cheese and brown sugar cinnamon streusel. On Christmas Eve, throw everything together, then refrigerate overnight. In the morning, all it needs is 30 minutes in the oven. Here are (easy) step-by-step instructions for how to bring this dish to life.

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Slab quiche with spinach, goat cheese and caramelized onions

Your standard egg dish has nothing on this quiche with spinach, goat cheese and caramelized onions. It can be served warm or at room temperature and is perfect for feeding a crowd. Follow this recipe for step-by-step instructions on how to make it.



Waffles are the ultimate comfort food, and once you warm these babies up, all you need is a little (or heaping helping of) maple syrup. Make a batch using this recipe, stick it in the fridge, warm it up the next morning and you're golden. Afterward, relax or take a nap, watch "Frosty the Snowman," have some peppermint bark and dig into one of these 35 vintage holiday recipes.

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